Advantages of air operated diaphragm pumps

Since air operated diaphragm pump is powered by air, the flow rate is automatically adjusted with the change of back pressure (outlet resistance), which is suitable for medium and high viscosity fluids. However, the operating point of the centrifugal pump is set on the basis of water. If it is used for a fluid with a slightly higher viscosity, a reducer or a variable frequency governor is required and the cost is greatly increased. The same is true for gear pumps.

AOD pumps are reliable and low-cost in flammable and explosive environments like the delivery of fuel and explosives. What is the reason? First, it is impossible to generate sparks after grounding. Second, no heat is generated during work, and the machine will not overheat. Third, the fluid does not overheat because the diaphragm pump has minimal agitation of the fluid.

Wastewater discharge in harsh places (such as construction sites, industrial and mining), due to the large amount of impurities and complex components in the sewage, the pipeline is easy to block. This will cause an excessive load on the electric pump, and the motor will be easily damaged by heat. The air-operated diaphragm pump can pass particles and the flow rate is adjustable. When the pipeline is blocked, it will automatically stop until it is unobstructed.

In addition, the diaphragm pump is small in size and easy to move. It occupies a very small area and is easy to install. It can be used as a mobile material transfer pump. In the treatment of hazardous and corrosive materials, the diaphragm pump can completely isolate the material from the outside world. Or in some tests, it can ensure that no impurities contaminate the raw material.