Air operated diaphragm pump installation

Check the tightness of the pump's hardware prior to air operated diaphragm pump installation and operation of a new AOD pump. Pump hare-ware is pront to loosening due to vibration in transportation, expansion and contraction, or the relaxing of materials after they are torqued. It is important that the AOD pump is not under pressure when hardware is being tightened.

This AOD pump comes with a footed base for easy mounting in permanent installations. The pump should be mounted in vertical position. In permanent installations, the pump should be attached to plant piping using a flexible coupling on both the intake and discharge connections to reduce vibration to the pump and piping. To further reduce vibration, a surge suppressor next to the pump may be used.

Suction pipe size should be at lease 1-1/2 inch in diameter or even larger if highly viscous fluid to be pumped. If suction hose is used, it must be of a non-collapsible rein forced type. Discharge piping should be at least 1-1/2 inch in diameter. It is critical, especially on the suction side of the pump, that all fittings and connections are airtight or pumping efficency will be reduced and priming will be difficult.

The air supply line should be at least 3/4 inch in diameter. Make certain the supply line and compressor are capable of supplying the required pressure and volume of air needed to operate the pump at the desired flow rate. The quality of the compressed air source should be considered. Air that is contaminated with moisure and dirt may result in erratic pump performance and increase main-tenance cost as well as frequent process "down time" when the pump fails to operate properly.

Typical Installation model:

A. Submerged installation

AOD pump Submerged installation

In a sumerged application, the air exhaust port of the pump must be ported above the fluid line. Be certain that the fluid being pumped is compatible with the materials on both air side and wetted side of the pump before the pump is submerged.

B. Floolded installation

AOD pump Floolded installation

A flooded suction installation has the pump datum line below the fluid level.

C. Suction lift installation

AOD pump Suction lift installation

In suction lift installations, the AOD pump datum is above the fluid line. IMPORTANT: each pump has different lift capabilities. Be sure to verify the lift capability of a particular pump before installing it into a system.